About CP

Console-ing Passions was founded in 1989 by a group of feminist media scholars and artists looking to create a space to present work and foster scholarship on issues of television, culture, and identity, with an emphasis on gender and sexuality. The original board included Julie D’Acci, Jane Feuer, Mary Beth Haralovich, Lauren Rabinowitz, and Lynn Spigel. Console-ing Passions is not a membership organization, but is instead comprised of a board of scholars whose interests converge around the study of media. The first Console-ing Passions conference was held at the University of Iowa in 1992.

CP BOARD (Current Members)

Sarah Banet-Weiser, University of Southern California
Miranda Banks, Emerson College
Mary Beltran, University of Texas at Austin
Melissa Click, University of Missouri
Norma Coates, University of Western Ontario
Anna Everett, University of California Santa Barbara
Joy V. Fuqua, Queens College, CUNY
Bambi Haggins, Arizona State University
Nina Huntemann, Suffolk University
Deborah Jaramillo, Boston University
Deborah Jermyn, University of Roehampton
Lynne Joyrich, Brown University
Mary Celeste Kearney, University of Notre Dame
Suzanne Leonard, Simmons College
Elana Levine, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Madhavi Mallapragada, University of Texas Austin
Diane Negra, University College Dublin
Susanna Paasonen, University of Turku
Priscilla Pena-Ovalle, University of Oregon
Maria Pramaggiore, Maynooth University
Sarah Projansky, University of Utah
Katherine Sender, University of Michigan
Amy Villarejo, Cornell University
Brenda Weber, Indiana University
Helen Wood, De Montfort University


Dianne Brooks, independent scholar
Phebe Chao, independent scholar
Jackie Cook, University of South Australia
Julie D’Acci, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Mary Desjardins, Dartmouth College
Jane Feuer, University of Pittsburgh
Mary Beth Haralovich, University of Arizona
Heather Hendershot, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michele Hilmes, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Marsha Kinder, University of Southern California
Anna McCarthy, New York University
Vicki Meyer, Tulane University
Robin Means-Coleman, University of Michigan
Margaret Montgomerie, DeMonfort University
Chantal Nadeau, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Lisa Nakamura, University of Michigan
Lisa Parks, University of California Santa Barbara
Lauren Rabinovitz, University of Iowa
Ellen Seiter, University of Southern California
Lynn Spigel, Northwestern University
Carole Stabile, University of Oregon
Chris Straayer, New York University
Sasha Torres, University of Western Ontario
Mimi White, Northwestern University

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